A limited release series designed around seeding the future of mental health + wellness.


We’re bringing real world utility to the table with TrippyNFTs by building solutions for the betterment of human consciousness. 


We have acquired several properties across the globe for our community to gather. We are actively looking to expand the trippy.vc portfolio. Here is what our community is building.

  • Israel
    Retreat Center

  • Marley
    Jamaica Research Center

  • Florida
    Festiva Grounds

  • Jerusalem Center

  • Metaverse

  • Miami House

Portfolio Investments

We have negotiated allocations in several early stage mental healthcare companies. As part of the DAO, you’ll help us find and approve allocations to grow the Psychedelic ecosystem.
  • Better U Care

  • psyrx

Mission Accepted

Our management group is diverse and experienced. We are a community of….

  • Amar’e Stoudemire

  • Rohan Marley

  • Rabbi Harry Rozenberg

  • Natalie Lyla Ginsberg

  • Ron Samuel

  • Joshua Nelson

TrippyFest 2023

All members get access to Trippy Fest, our annual gathering to share peace, love, music and healing. TrippyFest is an exclusive conscious music festival where our community can gather and celebrate life. Headlining artist to be announced in Q1 2023.

Trippy.vc DAO is on a long-term mission to use our proceeds, future revenues and token launch to support its investments in psychedelic therapy companies.

All members get access to Trippy Fest, our annual gathering to share peace, love, music and healing. We will offer exclusive access to retreats and events on community property and in the metaverse.


Each Trippy NFT is a utility governance NFT that gives you access to the DAO’s ecosystem and portfolio. These collectibles live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Trippy Haseed Club

112 Trippy Haseeds are the Platinum Founder level NFTs.

The Trippy Haseeds is a collection of 112 NFTs – inspired by the dedication of a Haseed to the mystical and divine energy of the Hasidic form of Kabbalistic prayer and conscious awareness. The Trippy Haseed Genesis NFT Holders receive real world collective ownership of 33% of Trippy.vc assets and exclusive VIP access to the entire portfolio and its events. Members will be rewarded an allocation of $TRIPP coin. Mint price: 10.eth

Trippy Seeds

18000 Trippy Seeds are the Gold level Member NFTs.

Trippy Seeds are the core of our community. The NFTs act as a membership pass to the trippy.vc ecosystem and complimentary access to 2 years of Trippy Fest. Members will earn an allocation of $TRIP coin. Mint price: 0.36.eth


    Pre-sale for our whole community to create a truly fair drop

  • DROP

    Trippy Seed Member Drop


    Launching our DAO so the community can build on purchased and pending properties & allocate to portfolio companies.


    Launching our Tokenomics structure to Members


    Early Member Access to Exclusive Mystery Drop(s)


    We will launch our first annual Trippy Fest in 2023 on community land in Flordia. Line-up TBA.


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